Chopta Chandrashila Trek – A Retreating Discovery

Coupled with the pilgrim tour to Tungnath temple, traveller's favourite hill station Chopta and every
adventurer's sought camping site Deoriatal lake, Chopa Chandrashila Trek is a perfect destination for all
kinds of interests. Considered as easy to moderate grade, this trek should be the first trek for beginners
to get an insight of the Himalayas. The trek is only of 3 days and is open in all seasons except monsoon.

From the starting step the summit, Chandrashila top is always in the sight. Sari village is the base camp
where trekkers can rest in homestays. Rock paved way upto next camping site, Deoriatal lake is an easy
climb. The moment you reach the second camping site you will be mesmerized. Tranquil Deorital lake
between oak trees with stunning massifs of Chaukhamba in the background, you will just want to relax
and dive into the serenity. Wait until morning to see the Chaukhamba peak on the Deorital lake's
surface. This is the most awaited sight for all the visitors.

Capturing the flawless reflections of Chaukhamba peak, move ahead until you reach a famous resting
point, Jhanditop. This is a place from where you can get panaromic view of the spine like ridge line
formed by Neelkanth, Chaukambha 4, Chaukhamba 3, Jankuth, Mandani, Sumeru, Kedarmain, and,
Thalaysagar mountains. Take enough rest, since the upcoming route is not strenous but a long one.

Next few hours is a walk under the shadows of alpine forests blossomed with red rhododendrons. The
entire trail looks like painted with red-pink color. Though the trail is long you will never feel exhausted
due the vibrancy of these flowers. There is a direct road till Chopta for pilgrims worshipping Tungnath,
hence you will be accompanied my many tourists. Trail till Tungnath is a tidy rock paved path with
rohdendrons on the sides. One should not fail to notice that as the height increases the
rhododendrons get faded from red to pink to white. Therefore, rhododendrons from Chopta are white in

Tungnath is the highest Linga in the world, therefore is a famous tourist and religious attraction. The
ascent from Tungnath to Chandrashila top is steep and mostly covered with snow in winter. This poses
difficulty while climbing up. You will realize the efforts are worth it once you get on the Chandrashila
top. 360 degree view of all the peaks seen from Janditop especially Nanda Devi peak with cold winds
blowing, you will feel like yo   u are flying free…sailing above the mighty Himalayas!

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