Dayara Bugyal Trek – a walk on the grazing lands

The Dayara Bugyal Trek, less known but a perfect weekend getaway. Dayara is highly
recommended trek for kids and beginners. Widespread rejuvenating meadows filled with vibrant
flowers and majestic mountains in the background are easily accessible. Plus minimum waiting
period of only 4 trekking days.
For many trekkers, it is a good news that Dayara is not as popular as other easy, moderate
treks. That means you get to explore the less traveled paths. Bugyal means never-ending
meadows, which can be seen effortlessly during the route. These vast plateaus keep flourishing
after September until December when snow arrives. The layers of snow can be found from
December to April giving enough time span to enjoy the trek in the winter season.
From the base camp in Raithal itself, Shrikanth peak and Gangotri range are visible. Walking
through gold silver forests of Oak trees the next camping site, Gui arrives. The glimpses of
peaks seen from base become more prominent.
The wait for vast meadows comes to an end when vast pastures and pleasant flowers rule your
sights. They will definitely raise your spirit to go ahead. Bandarpoonch peak also welcomes you,
asking you to keep moving until you reach the Dayara top.
In merely 3 days you will find yourself on the Dayara top as high as 12100 feet, making it a
perfect start for a beginner or a kid trekker. Not only that Dayara is a great choice for any family
outing. While many search for hard treks, sometimes it is important to trudge on relaxing paths
to experience the tranquility of mountains.

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