Gomukh-Tapovan trek a place where Ganga starts

Gomukh Tapovan is another less popular trek having moderate to difficult grade. It is one of
those treks which will never let you down with ecstatic nature, more importantly, the faith of
devotees. The best time for this trek is only from May to mid-October. Hence in the limited
time frame, one should grab the most. You will be stunned by the belief of pilgrims who worship
Gangotri, Gomukh and the mighty river Ganga. From the base camp at Gangotri until Tapovan
you will be accompanied by religious tourists, who are ready to overcome the strenuous hike
just to meet their God.

The trek commences from the epitome of devotion the Gangotri, one of the Char Dhams. From
here the spiritual journey begins until you have mystic experience. After a walk through serene
Gangotri National park, you will see first sights of snow-capped mountains, Bhagirathi sisters,
Bhrigu and Manda peaks. The gushing Bhagirathi river will strategically make its way as you
walk on its banks.

The path to Tapovan is composed of boulders and moraines of Gangotri glacier. Once you
reach Tapovan, the meditation grounds of Sadhus, your eyes will be awestruck. Mount Shivling
will stand in front of you. It is shaped like Linga, therefore, considered the most beautiful
mountain. Tapovan is renowned as the base camp for Mount Shivling expeditions.
Mountaineers endeavoring Shivling start their logistics and planning from Tapovan. Mount
Shivling looks so awe-inspiring,  instant reaction is to bow down with humility and only
appreciate its elegance. The surroundings are so tranquil that you will realize why monks
choose this as a place to attain peace.

Being on the grounds of Tapovan is relaxing, but one should not forget that the real suspense is
not yet over. After crossing the Gangotri glacier filled with small loose rocks and a moderate
climb, the source of Ganga comes to visibility. Shaped like a cow's mouth, Gomukh is the
source of river Ganga. You will be thrilled as you gaze at Gomukh, you seem really tiny in front
of its massiveness.

Only in this trek, one becomes aware of the fact that we humans are nothing compared to the
greatness of the mountains. We can only oblige them for giving the precious opportunity to
experience their magnificence.
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