Tarsar Marsar Trek

Trekking has a lot more in store than just walking the explored and known trails and duly arriving at the destination. Only a true at heart trekker would know and feel the actual thrill and pleasure of trekking. The joy of trekking is also about the kind people we go with, the trekking organization we choose, the passion we enforce into the sport and finally, the most conspicuous factor which bind all the above factors, the location where we will be trekking at.

India has quite some exclusive trekking locations up north, some of which are highly acclaimed internationally. The Himalayan range, which is the most popular trekking region covers Leh and Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Kullu – Manali,. Few of the Notable Treks in these locations are Kashmir Valley Trek, Markha valley Trek, The Great lakes, Hampta Pass, Bagini Glacier, Tarsar Marsar Trek, Stok Kangri Trek Etc.

Kashmir valleys are very renowned trekking region in the world. Kashmir itself is a Heaven on Earth; making it all the more desirable sight and a yielding site to commence this exhilarating sport, Trekking.

Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the highly opted treks of the Kashmir Valley. It is a trek encompassing a journey to the two beautiful twin lakes, Tarsar and Marsar, surrounded by the peaks of Kolahi Mountain.

The twin lakes are known from 16th Century during the period of ruler of Kashmir, Yusuf Shah Chak. The lakes are notable for its almond shape separated by a mountain, identical in nature and is situated in the Aru District of Jammu and Kashmir. Both the lakes flow into opposite directions, the former joining with the Lidder River of Lidderwat and the later to the other side of Aru. Apparently, the Dachigam National Park is in vicinage to the Marsar Lake.

What makes the Tarsar Marsar Lake trek so favourable is the serenity that presides over the environment. The beautiful Aru, a shade of the Kashmir valley makes the expedition a peaceful and nurturing journey; a journey, though might not be highly fanciful but definitely peace rendering.

About the trek, it is a trek of moderate level which can be travelled by any nature lover. The trek’s highest Peak that is achievable is 13, 000 ft. The lakes are surrounded by stunning alpine trees and the experience is even more commendable during the summer when the alpine flowers forms a radiant sheet reflecting on the water. Also, the other traceable floras include blue poppy, geum, gentian and hedyseram.

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is a pleasant sight during the summer as we might encounter with various birds and regional animals. Bar Headed geese, Choughs, Golden eagles, black bulbuls, musk deer, snow leopard, brown bear and the golden marmot are few to set wer eyes on and capture there.

The trek is a seven day voyage, starting from Srinagar, drive to Aru base camp and finishing at Sumbal on day seven. Tarsar Marsar expedition will take us through some fabulous scenic places in these seven days; Day 1 will start with Srinagar, a drive to Aru base camp from Pahalgam. The next day we will be passing through pretty Gujjar house, Dalla and Nandkei to Lidderwat. On the 3rd day our trek would commence from Lidder River side base camp and end at Shekiwas, a beautiful meadow base camp. On day 4 and 5 our trek takes us to glorioud Tarsar lake to Sundaresar Lake, through Sonmasti. We will be moving forward to Marsar lake from Sonmasti and back on day 6. Finally on day 7 we would head back to Srinagar via sumbal village.

The Trek is of medium difficulty level and can be accomplished easily without any need of acclimatization. Tarsar Marsar Trek is idle during July and September.

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